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INUP EX is a quasi-drug.

INUP EX has continued to pursue the way skin care should be from the time of its introduction in 1990. It takes the native healthy beauty of skin (IN) and simply enhances it with the power of nature (UP). It was reborn in 2006, taking this idea one step further. INUP EX has been certified as a quasi-drug through rigorous review. Make sure you try this true naturalist cosmetic for women living the modern life.
Image:Safety, Security, Quality

Safety, Security and Quality in the past and into the future.

The "safety", "security" and "quality" of our products have been reassured by the certification of INUP EX as a quasi-drug (*).
In these times of uncertainty what to trust and what to choose, rest assured when using INUP EX.
* Only products approved by the rigorous review of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare can receive certification. 1. Produced from materials approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare 2. Comprising beneficial and effective active ingredients in stipulated blending quantities
Image:Cleansing Cream MD

Cleansing Cream MD Quasi-drug INUP EX cleansing cream MD (with spatula) (weak acid)

● 110g

Cleansing cream with little stressing of the skin.
Spreads smoothly with a soft touch and clears away make-up, dirt and old cuticle tobring about lustrous, light skin.
The soft texture is also suitable for massaging.
Massaging leads to vivid, firm and elastic skin of healthy complexion.

Image:Cleansing Foam MD

Cleansing Foam MD Quasi-drug INUP EX cleansing foam MD (weak acid)

● 100g

Cleans and sterilizes the skin while protecting the moisture, and clears away excess sebum and old cuticle.
Smoothly cleanses the skin gently without stressing to prevent rough skin.
A silky touch of rich and finely-textured foam. Cleanly rinsable, yet gives a moist finish.
Draws out the original transparency and brings a silky smooth texture to the skin.

Image:Moisture Lotion MD

Moisture Lotion MD Quasi-drug INUP EX moisture lotion MD (weak acid)

● 120mL

Quasi-drug INUP EX moisture lotion MD mother size (weak acid)

● 300mL

Moisturizing lotion to maintain vibrant and lush hydration.
Firm diffusion of moisture to prevent rough skin and give light lustre to the skin.
Suitable for all skin types, ages and seasons.

Image:Moisture Cream MD

Moisture Cream MD Quasi-drug INUP EX moisture cream MD (weak acid)

● 40g

Penetrates moisture firmly into the cuticle layer.
Prevents rough skin and protects against external stimulation to bring about succulent native skin with a fast-sticking touch.
Quickly absorbed into the skin the moment it is applied and leads to baby-soft smooth skin.